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Product variety demands variable technology

The product features demand careful selection of suitable materials as well as associated constructions. The components used by HST Maschinenbau GmbH have been developed using a practical, hands-on approach and can be modified according to the use made of them.

"Special requests are complied with and treated confidentially, naturally. State-of-the-art technology is guaranteed!“.

Homogenising valves
Highly efficient, low-noise and service-friendly valves

The various valve materials, used such as high-strength stainless steels and sintered materials, means that the most diverse products can be homogenised. For our HST homogenisers, we carry PLUG, PILOTED and the energy-saving knife-edge valve.

The homogenising valve builds up the desired or required pressure.

Setting-up can be done either manually or hydraulically, according to choice. Configuration complies with the respective throughput as well as the product data.

Valves made of stellite, ceramic and tungsten carbide are available. Depending on the field of application, one-phase or two-phase homogenising valves can be fitted.
"HST has gone for a highly efficient, low-noise and service-friendly valve form!“.

Piston types
The suitable material according to your product features

We carry standard pistons, chrome-plated pistons, ceramic pistons and pistons with a special HST coating. Ask for more information on our special HST coating system that greatly extends a machine’s service life.

A multitude of alloys, coatings and materials are available.

"The careful selection of the piston and sealing materials is of great importance with regard to operating and functional reliability!“.

HST packaging system

The novel HST packaging system greatly extends operating lives. Ask for more information on our special HST system.

Aseptic models
Septic and aseptic homogenisers

Aseptic homogenising technology, i.e. homogenising after heat treatment, is often used to process UHT or sterile products. This means you can significantly increase creaming stability.

You can get septic or aseptic HST homogenisers.