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New Equipment  

Special equipment
Special product features demand additional technology

To meet your particularly high demands, we can offer you comprehensive options with our special equipment.
Our specialists will carefully advise you so that you choose the most suitable technology for equipping your machines.

"Our expertise is based on our knowledge of the processes that go on during homogenisation!"

Variable throughput
Process control systems for monitoring and control

Our external lubricating system permits variable throughputs with the use of a frequency converter.

Frequency converters for infinitely adjustable revolution speed for variable throughputs.

Homogenising pressure control
Electrical equipment and automation

Single-stage or double-stage homogenising pressure controls can be fitted into new machines or even retrofitted into existing machines.
The pressure is controlled via the display of the controller, 4-20mA or a bus system such as Profibus. The control software is specially adjusted to suit the homogeniser.

"Let our technicians advise you on the best control technology solution!"

Remote setting of pressure
When using an external customer system with a control, the homogeniser is equipped with the necessary adjustment valves and pressure sensor system.

Supply pressure monitoring
Air pockets can cause huge problems for homogenisers. In order to avoid them, the admission pressure is monitored by a sensor and operates the hydraulics unpressurised whenever there are air pockets.

Measuring technology
A clean solution for food industry measurements

We can supply you with the appropriate electrical equipment, for example, for pressure measurements, temperatures and cooling water monitoring.

Pressure sensors from ifm electronics for a pressure range of 0 to 600 bar.
executed with an analogue output to, for example, integrate a pressure-free switch. Safety class IP 67 III.

Pressure gauge with/without analogue output.

Sterile pulsation dampers
HST pulsation dampers can be used in septic and aseptic areas.

HST oil unit
The HST oil unit means that water in oil is avoided even under the most extreme conditions.